Master Wang’s retreat was held in San Francisco next to the Bay on December 2018.

At this time, we were learning how to refine our true self and sat over six hours daily. Each morning, we would walk around the lake at dawn before sunrise, exchanging the Qi with nature to regulate the body energy flow. We practiced balancing the Qi with a tree, focusing on increasing our senses and improving health.

Under Master Wang’s guidance, one student experienced her jaw and face muscles shaking and tightening as her Shen Guang of light was increasing in brightness in front of her. One of them reported seeing deep darkness where she found the past; in this darkness, and then she saw one ray of light symbolizing the present. One also said that in his lower Dantian, saw his own self-image, where his body synchronized with natureĀ as one.

We hope to keep practicing daily and making consistent improvement until the next Master Wang retreat in December.

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