Translated by Shuyu

I am the 18th generation lineage holder of Dragon Gate Taoism. In my childhood, I was chosen by three elderly masters of Dragon Gate Taoism to be trained as the holder of this lineage. They are Zhang HeDao of the 16th generation, Wang JiaoMing of the 17th generation, and Jia JiaoYi of the 17th generation. They taught me the Gold Elixir system, and the five arts of the Taoism, fortune telling, physiognomy, divination, cultivation, and medicine.

China has survived through different dynasties and governments for thousands of years. Starting from Qing Dynasty, to the Republics of China, then to the People’s Republic of China, one country, three periods, and three generations of us.

Master Zhang HeDao was born and grew up in Qing Dynasty, he was the grand physician of the Imperial court of the Qing dynasty, and he has dedicated himself to Qing Dynasty.

Master Wang JiaoMing and Master Jia JiaoYi were born in Qing Dynasty, and grew up in Republic of China. They dedicated themselves to the Republic of China. Master Wang JiaoMing was an advanced expert in martial arts, and was an instructor at HuangPu Military Academy. Master Jia JiaoYi was an expert in acupuncture, and he can cure sickness without actually inserting needles into the body.

I was born at the end of Republic of China, and grew up in People’s Republic of China. Due to the “Natural Disaster” and “Culture Revolution”, fate has led me to Taoism. I have been traveling around the world for many years, and my love for China has never changed.

Three generations of us all devoted ourselves to learning and practicing Tao. While Taoism is the root of Chinese culture, it was forgotten by the mainstream. We felt the pain of being rootless, and through all adversities, we leaned on each other to go forward. Masters taught me with all their hearts, and I gave my best efforts to learn and practice. We spent many years together for my training. Each of us had glorious moments, and each of us had painful losses. Now my masters already left this world, and it is my responsibility to teach what I have learned to the world, so that this lineage that traced back thousands of years can be passed down. And also through teaching, I can feel the presence of my masters and honor their memories.

Masters had told me that in Yuan Dynasty, our ancestor Qiu ChuJi had united Taoism in China under the Dragon Gate Taoism, and the lineage that I hold is a small branch in Taoism. We practice the Gold Elixir system and the Art of Inner Exercise of Spiritual Jewel.

During Qing Dynasty and Republic of China, there was no nation wide Taoist organization. In 1957, Chinese Taoist Association was established. I am not a member of the Chinese Taoist Association. But my masters certified me as the 18th generation lineage holder of Dragon Gate Taoism.

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