Translated by Shuyu


For many years, we have been saying that there is light during fertilization stage, but it was dismissed as nonsense. Finally scientists discovered this light. Thanks to scientific advancement, we can finally prove what our Taoist ancestors have known for thousands of yeas. Modern science is a field of discovery science, it tries to discover matters that already exist in nature. Science today has not yet been able to create new matters, supernatural matters. Hence it does not recognize the existence of supernatural matters.

Lao-tzu said: “Tao creates one, one creates two, two creates three, three creates everything.”So When two matters combine to create something new, a third matters must exist. In the case of the sperm and the egg, the third matter is light. Depending on the brightness, size, and color of the light, the quality of the fertilized egg would be different, and that would in account for the differences between people after they are born.

Taoist ancestors did not have modern scientific tools to examine this theory, but they found other means to study human life. Through their practices and experiments, they have already discovered the following, and it is up to scientists to verify and conduct further research.

  1. Light exists when sperm enters egg during fertilization. In ancient times there were many names for this light, awareness light, essence light, spiritual light, primordial light, etc. Can scientists categorize this light?
  2. The brightness, size and color of this light impacts the quality of the fertilized egg, and in turn will impact the person to be born. Can scientists find ways to prove this?
  3. How soon this light appear during the fertilization process will impact the intelligence of the person to be born. Did scientists notice this?

Taoist ancestors call the light during fertilization awareness light, the light when infant leaves mother’s womb essence light, and the light in the universe spiritual light. This is the light in one of the important Taoist concepts, “light of birth, brightness of death”. We all seek enlightenment, but without understand this awareness light during fertilization one can not see one’s heart, and without understanding the essence light during birth, one can not see one’s true nature. In this case, the awareness light and essence light can not combine with the spiritual light, and we can only live in ignorance of our true self, and are not able to be enlightened.

“Tao creates one, one creates two, two creates three, three creates everything.”This is the underlying principle behind everything. How ingenious!

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