Translated by Shuyu


Happy Mother’s Day!

Many people don’t know how to celebrate Father’s and Mother’s day. I was asked to talk about my feelings: “I really want to go to my parent’s wedding.”

Parents grew old, I had my own children, I became dad, my wife became mom. I once asked my parents:” When did you get married, why didn’t you invite me to your wedding?” My mom said:” Silly boy, you were not born yet. I had you in my belly for 9 months, no matter how much I suffered, I wanted to bring you out to this world.”

Thanks to my parents, I can come to this world, to know myself in this body. My parents went through all the hardships in bringing me up, but they never complained. Now I start to grow old, start to convert back to “nothingness”. I am grateful for this body, this life.

When I practice the Taoist exercise “Listen and Memorize Parents”, I discovered their miseries and suffering, and also realized just how deep their love is.

If I have supernatural power, I would turn back to child, and live with my parents again. If I have magical power, I would turn back to pre-birth, and go to my parents’ wedding as wind. How wonderful it would be to see my parents joining hands to start a happy family, and pass life down generation by generation. All I want to say to them is “Thank you, and I love you”.

I wish my parents forever young! I wish all parents in the world forever young! I wish all mothers happy every day!


A brief introduction on “Listen and Memorize Parrents” Exercise:


Everyone should use one day a month to do this exercise. Also in the three days before Chinese new year, pick one day to do this exercise. This is the best way to truly benefit our parents. Even if our parents already passed away, this exercise can still benefit them.

During sitting exercise, when your celestial eyes opened, think about your parents’ images with your eyes closed(Only do one at a time, pick father or mother). Think carefully and in as much detail as possible. Then slowly merge the space where your parents are with the space where you are. Pull this image into your body with the celestial eye, and slowly pass it down to your lower Dantian. Then breath slowly using lower Dantian, and your energy in the lower Dantian will nurture your parents. When you do this right, your parents’ images will become bright and clear in front of you, and you will also truly able to feel how they feel.

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